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Goodsforless offers a complete array of reliable, expert Technical Engineering services for projects ranging from small to large, simple to complex.

Power Substation

  • Transformers: Power and distribution transformers ( 100, 200, 630, 1000, 1600 KVA: 20/04 KV, 20/6 KV ) and ( 10, 20, 30 MVA : 66/20 KV, 125, 400 MVA : 230/66 KV ).
  • HV, MV switchgear ( AIS& GIS ): Circuit breakers, Disconnecting switch, Current transformers, Voltage transformers, Lightning arrestors, isolators and RMUs.
  • Protections and SCADA systems.
  • We discus now with Iranian company to participate with them for building new power station at Lattakia city.
our services Goodsforless
our services Goodsforless

Oil and Gas

  • Pipelines and valves.
  • Compressors ( Air, Hydrogen ) erection and automation.
  • Equipment , accessories and instruments for refineries: ( motors, pumps, oxygen analyzer, level and pressure transmitters …. ).
  • Technologies of refineries and gas factories.

Automation and control

  • Our job contains rehabilitate and maintenance buildings and erection new machines, LV panels, with all fire fittings , lighting , SCADA systems.
  • Programming PLC, Preparing Automation Programs, DCS,  SCADA Systems, Protection Relays.


our services Goodsforless
our services Goodsforless

Renewable power station

  • Wind farms.
  • Solar power systems: we start this job after the government allow to the privet companies to have small and medium solar farms from 300 KVA , 1 MVA TO 5 MVA ( in Tartus and Homes cities )

Generating Stations

  • Boilers, Silos and Flour mills, Compressors
  • Electronic Boards  , Chargers For All Levels Of Voltage , Event Recorders For Substations And Factories Testers For Motors Earthing resistance For Power Transformers , Control And Protection Panels , All Kinds Of Distribution Panels .
our services Goodsforless